Company Sider Technology works in the foundry field, designing and manufacturing machines and plants for the Italian and foreign markets. Thanks to the many years of experience of its people, Sider Technology is a leading company for NO-BAKE foundries and for all cast iron foundries looking for an efficient, cheap and environment friendly melting technology.

Initially employed in small foundries, there are now rotary furnaces working with a 15/20 t/h delivery. Particular attention to the environment is also proved by the designing and manufacturing of silicate/sand reclamation plants alongside the phenolic-furanic resins/sand reclamation plants: the use of silicate bonded sand is a great ecological improvement in comparison with resins. Nowadays we can count on numerous operating silicate/sand reclamation plants built with our technology in Europe. Company activity offers complete lifecycle supply: starting from plant design, to products construction and testing, till on-site assembling and final testing, as well as subsequent maintenance and technical assistance.